Wednesday, January 14, 2009

enero: bienvenidos para el ano nuevo


Welcome back and Happy New Year!!!!

Quiz time is here....

Grades 7-8 (Latine)


This last rotation, we have reviewed the family vocabulary for a quiz that is this rotation. The vocabulary can be found on December's Blog. In class,the students will have a little time to study and review with a matching game before taking their quiz.

Culture: (tenative)

After the quiz, the students will be starting a culture section. 7th grade will be doing a reading piece on the house during Pompeiian/Roman time. 8th Grade will be reading a section on Education during Roman/Pompeiian time.



Has been reviewing numbers 1-10 (new hand signs), colors, and Hola Song. Started centers.

This rotation: Family (familia)

Family Song

padre - father
madre - mother
chico - boy
chica - girl
abuelo is grandpa
abuela is grandma
Our family
Our family

hermano - brother
hermana - sister
hijo - son
hija - daughter
padre y madre
abuelo y abuela
our family
our family


The 2nd and 3rd grades have been working on colors in Spanish. The "Color Song" is on a previous blog. Please check it out.

The students have a quiz on the colores this rotation (1/14-1/22). The students need to be able to match a picture with the Spanish color word and its color English word. Example: a pond is blue/azul.


Grades 4-6 have been working on fecha since the end of November/beginning of December. Rhe students have been reviewing the days of the week, numbers 1-31, and months to be able to produce the date in Spanish. A review sheet along with notes have been taken in class. The following is that information:

Los días de la smana (days of the week)

lunes - Monday

martes - Tuesday

miércoles - Wednesday

jueves - Thursday

viernes - Friday

sábado - Saturday

domingo - Sunday

Los meses del año:

enero - Jnauary

febrero - Februarty

marzo - March

abril - April

mayo - May

junio - June

julio - July

agosto - August

septiembre - September

octubre - October

noviembre - November

diciembre - December

Fecha (date):

To put the date is Spanish fo0llow the rule:

Rule (regla): el day of the week el number de month de year

Example: January 12, 2009 - el lunes el doce de enero de dos mil nueve

Qué fecha es hoy? What date is today?

Answer: Today is Monday, January 12, 2009. Hoy es el lunes el doce de enero de dos mil nueve.

Qué fecha es mañana? What date is tomorrow?

Answer: Tomorrow is Tuesday, January 13, 2009. Mañana es el martes el trece de enero de dos mil nueve.

Qué fecha fue ayer? What date was yesterday?

Answer: Yesterday was Sunday, January 11, 2009. Ayer es el domingo el once de enero de dos mil nueve.

Future: What is coming next in Spanish?

I have been thinking on where to go next. The following are possibilities for the future:


  • Pronouns
  • basic verbs and conjugations
  • basic sentences
  • putting things together
  • gender
  • Reading section


  • shapes
  • family
  • food
  • body
  • animals
  • place in the community


  • family
  • animals
  • shapes
  • body
  • days of the week
  • months
  • seasons

Whehhhhhh!!! Alot of info. Will blog again soon.

Hasta aproxima vez!! =)

Senorita Morrin


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