Wednesday, December 10, 2008

diciembre 2008: Feliz Feriado y Prospero Ano Nuevo


The holidays are here and the students are excited. There are a lot of activities scheduled at school and the students are ready.

Trimester Report Cards:

First Trimester grades came out at the beginning of December. I had a few students who recieved an "I" for in-complete on their report card. These students were/are missing vital assessments in my grade book and need to make the assessments up. For those who have made up their assessments, I will be sending letters home with their 1st trimester grade. Any questions, please email me.

Latine: Cartoon Filmstrips

Some students in 7th & 8th grade are still missing their Cartoon Filmstrip assessment. This had been assign over a month ago. If students do not turn this assessment in, I will send letters home to inform parents. Please get this assessment done ASAP.

What is happening in Class for December?

Latine: (7-8 grade)

Family Vocabulary: Familia

family - familia

mother - mater

father - pater

brother - frater

sister - soror

son - filius

daughter - filia

grandmother - avia

grandfather - avus

granddaughter - neptis

grandson - nepos

uncle - patruus

aunt - amita

cousin (m) - consobrinus

cousin (f) - consobrina

dog - canis

cat - feles

Worksheet: Find a Word

Christmas Activities (Latine):

During the Roman times, there wasn't Christmas. There were lots of different types of holidays and festivals. Ceasar had to restrict the amount of holidays to 135 days in a year. Otherwise, there would have been a holiday every day of the year.

*What I am thankful for this holiday season.

*To be scheduled. I am thinking about a couple of things. I am still deciding.


*2 short Christmas Stories: 1) Las Posadas (Looking for the Inn) and 2) The Legend of the Poinsettia

*Christmas Craft: K-Puppet Chrisman Tree; 1- Puppet Christmas Trees or Picture Frame (not sure yet)

*Short Stories above

*Color by number (Navidad Sheets)

*Christmas Wish list and why I have been good because...

*Navidad vocab: Search a words and coloring sheets

*Review Homework (Las fechas/Dates) worksheet

*What I am thankful for this Holiday Season/X-mas wish list

*Navidad vocabulary: Search a words & color sheets


Navidad in most Spanish Speeaking countries is a time to re-enact the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem and the birth of Christ (the baby Jesus). In Mexico, the re-enactment is called "Las Posadas." Las posadas are Inns in English. The tradition in Mexico is to have "las posadas," which starts on Dec. 16th and continues for 9 days until December 24th. The celebration starts with a procession led by people dressed up as Joseph and Mary who are followed by angels and shepherds as they go from door to door. As they stop at each house, they sing verses of the traditional Letania. Since the procession starts after dark, people carry candles called velas and laterns. After a few houses, the weary travellers are invited in to rest, enjoy a special meal, a pinata, and dancing.

The custom was founded by a priest named Diego de Soria in 1554. Diego de Soria ask the Pope for permission to celebrate 9 Gift Masses (Misas de Aguinaldo) to mark the 9 days it took for Mary and Joseph to find lodging.

The Nacimiento, Nativity Scene, is very important tradition. Families provide space in their homes for a nativity display. The nativity display is a collection of figures dipicting the birth of baby Jesus. The scene is set up on December 16. Joseph and Mary are the first figures. The baby Jesus is not in the crib/manger. The wise men are far away. On Christmas Eve at midnight, after the "mis del gallo" (crows mass), the baby Jesus is put in the manger. It is then the wisemen move closer each day until on January 6th, the "Day of the Kings," they reach the manger. After the Christams Season is over, on January 6, the Nacimiento is carefully packed away for another year with the angel place on the very top of the box to protect the figures until next year.

Well, I hope I remembered everything. =)

Feliz Navidad Y Prospero Ano Nuevo!!!!! (Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!!)

Senorita Morrin


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