Thursday, October 09, 2008

Octubre: Quick Note


Bienvenidos una otra vez.....

I wanted to let everyone know an update is coming this week coming up. Also, I wanted to let parents and students know progress reports are coming out soon and I want to remind you of the new grading system.

The New Grading System

The New Grading System grades the students based on assessments (quizzes and tests). Yes, classwork grades and homework grades are put in the grade book, but they are only activities of the learning process. Assessments are given to students to find out what the students know and to see if they have mastered the concept or content.

Since the grading program assesses only quizzes and tests in their grades, expect lower grades than usual. I am finding students are not taking an active role in their learning. Some students are not studying the materials needed to get a good grade in my class, even when I give them time before the quiz to study or when I review before the quiz.

So, I feel that I need to take some action. I have decided to give out warm-up quizzes each time the students come in: on the material covered in the previous class. Then, I will have a summative assessment (Unit Test) about every two to four weeks (depending on the material). This will give the students a better opportunity to get a better grade. This will give me more assessments in the gradebook for a greater opportunity to even out grades.

(As of right now I have between 3-5 assessment grades in the grade book (quizzes). The # of assessments can bring down the grade: if a student has not finished their assessment or the student has done poorly on an assessment.)

As before, I will post everything on the blog.

This past rotation: (will post note this coming week)


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Day of the week

This Rotation:

Culture section:

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Espanol: Hispanic Heretage Month (Sept. 15- Oct. 15) & Mexico

Well, I need to go. Will update in a couple of days.


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